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Whether you need to buy or sell, an experienced real estate agent can help. Rodney Coty has decades of real estate experience, and you can rely on him to help you through the home-buying or -selling process. If you live or want to live in North Central Phoenix, AZ, call Rodney today.

What Rodney Does

The selling and buying process can be complex and take a long time. But with Rodney’s help, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to find your dream home or sell your home quickly.


The best way to sell your home is to ensure it is ready for a new owner. This means you should touch up and repair what you can to attract potential buyers. Rodney can give you the guidelines for things to fix and things to let go. He can also help you advertise your home to reach a wider audience of buyers. With his help, you’ll sell your home in no time.


If you have the perfect home in mind, Rodney Coty can help. As a home buying agent, he has extensive knowledge of properties in the area, and you can begin your search of all the listings on this site. If you don’t see one you like, you can work with Rodney to find the home that meets all your requirements. He can also help you with the closing paperwork and negotiations.

With over 23 years of real estate experience, you can trust that Rodney will help make the home-buying or -selling process as smooth and easy as possible.

Call today at 602-570-2689.


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